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Does One Wrong Equal No Rights? Connecticut Lets Its Surrogate Parents’ Contracts Lapse

Due to the State Department of Education’s failure to provide new contracts in a timely manner, Connecticut’s approximately 74 surrogate parents have found themselves in limbo.  Surrogate parents are appointed by the State Department of Education [“SDE”] to advocate on behalf of disabled students who have no parents, whose parents are incapable of meaningfully participating…

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Deliberate Indifference to Bullying Can Amount to Massive Liability – Lessons from the Pine Bush Settlement

$4.48 million.  That’s how much the Pine Bush School District in central-New York just agreed to pay to settle a lawsuit brought by a group of current and former students who alleged that school administrators were deliberately indifferent to their repeated complaints of anti-Semitic discrimination and harassment. While the sheer amount of the settlement itself…

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Disciplinary Investigations of Employees – Three Names to Know

Whenever an employer is considering disciplining an employee for misconduct, three names from 1967, 1975 and 1985 continue to be associated with employer investigations and interrogations, in much the same way that Mr. Miranda’s name (since 1966) is associated with criminal interrogations.  The three names are: Weingarten, Loudermill, and Garrity.  These names are still very…

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