Monthly Archives: September 2015

Upcoming Presentations on LGBT Issues

Our friends at the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education [“CABE”], the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents [“CAPSS”] and the Connecticut Association of Schools  [“CAS’]  are sponsoring a program on issues facing LGBT students in our schools, and how schools may best address these issues and provide a supportive environment while complying with various…

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The FOIA, Charter Schools and “Charter Management Organizations:” The FOIC and the Legislature (Sort Of) Speak

As noted previously, the intersection between Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act [“FOIA”] and charter schools has been the source of much noise. Notwithstanding some shrill voices, charter schools have always been subject to the FOIA.  The lingering issue has been whether “charter school management organizations” (e.g., entities some charter schools contract with for educational design, implementation,…

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