Monthly Archives: November 2015

Pullman & Comley Attorneys Speak at CABE/CAPSS Annual Convention

Mark J. Sommaruga, Susan L. Scott, and Michael P. McKeon of Pullman & Comley’s School Law Section spoke on a number of education law topics at the annual joint convention of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education and the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents [CABE/CAPSS]. The convention was held on November 20 and…

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FOIA is FUN: Somewhat Recent Reminders from the Freedom Of Information Commission

Although it is known as the “Sunshine Law,” the idea of summer fun is usually not synonymous with the Freedom of Information Act [“FOIA”]. Nevertheless, as we lament the passing of time (and loss of daylight), Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission [“FOIC”] issued intriguing decisions during the summer that provide teachable moments, such as the…

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