Monthly Archives: January 2016

Attorneys Are Not So Special After All: The FOIA and the Need for Specific Agenda Items

Generally, Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Act [“FOIA”] requires that a public agency preparing an agenda/posting for a meeting ensure that each agenda item is specific enough to apprise the public of the action contemplated by the agency, so that the public and interested parties may be properly prepared and be present to express their views.…

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Pinning It Down: Section 504 and Reasonable Accommodations in Kempf V. The Michigan High School Athletic Association

Less than two weeks after a deaf high school wrestler filed suit against Michigan’s governing body for interscholastic athletics, the parties voluntarily entered into a December 11, 2015 Consent Decree, thereby resolving Ellis Kempf v The Michigan High School Athletic Association. In his lawsuit, the wrestler, Ellis Kempf, alleged that the Association had, in part,…

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