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The Aftermath: Developments From The 2019 Session of The Connecticut General Assembly Affecting Employers (Part One)

The 2019 Regular Session of the Connecticut General Assembly concluded on June 5, 2019.  The legislature passed significant labor and employment legislation that addressed, inter alia, remedies for sexual harassment and employment discrimination and increases in the minimum wage; these bills are summarized in posts on our firm’s labor and employment blog, Working Together. Please…

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KIPP Academy and the NLRB. What Will a Ruling Mean for Connecticut’s Charter Schools?

An interesting question is now pending before the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”): Are labor disputes at charter schools “sufficiently substantial” to effect interstate commerce?  If the answer is yes then the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”) – the federal law that guarantees most private-sector workers’ collective bargaining rights – will continue to apply to…

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