Author: Zachary D. Schurin

A Sneak Peak at the State Department of Education’s Legislative Proposals

The General Assembly is back in session.  This year is an even-year, short-session, which means that pursuant to Article Third, Section Two of the Connecticut Constitution, the business of the General Assembly is limited to consideration of “budgetary, revenue and financial matters, bills and resolutions raised by committees of the general assembly and those matters…

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State’s Motion to Dismiss CCJEF Case Denied

As the Connecticut Mirror recently reported, on December 4, 2013, Hartford Superior Court Judge Kevin G. Dubay denied a motion filed by the State to dismiss Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding, Inc. v. Rell, CV-05-405026-S.  As a result of Judge Dubay’s ruling, the litigation will continue and it at least tentatively appears that…

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General Assembly Resolves Pre-School Magnet School Tuition Issue

The Connecticut General Assembly has passed, and Governor Dannel P. Malloy has signed into law, new legislation that eliminates the interdistrict magnet pre-school funding obligations of Connecticut’s local and regional boards of education.  The passage of this legislation marks a major victory for “sending districts” (i.e. school districts that send magnet pre-school students to out-of-district inter-district…

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