Topic: Charter Schools

Environmental Considerations For School Construction

School building projects are never something that school boards enter into lightly, fraught as they are with financial, political and educational considerations.  As environmental attorney Jean Perry Phillips notes,  the foundation of any successful school building project is due diligence, a critical component of which is assessing the presence of any environmental issues.  Recognizing and…

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When The Teacher Is The School Bully

Anti-bullying laws may now have a significant impact on what is considered to be “emotional abuse” in schools.  Recently, the Connecticut Supreme Court concluded that a teacher’s bullying behavior toward a student met the legal definition of emotional abuse. Nicholas Frank v. Department of Children and Families, SC 18980, July 8, 2014.   In this case,…

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Just The Facts: Charter Schools (and Cutting Through Some Myths and Hot Air)

As anyone reading the newspapers can observe, Connecticut charter schools are receiving some unwanted attention these days due to: 1) a myriad of issues involving a charter school management company; and 2) virulent attacks from, among others, those who either currently hold or who hope to attain political office. Once politically favored by both major…

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