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Vergara v. California: Part Two: Is Tenure in Connecticut At Risk?

As discussed in a prior post,  the recent decision in the case of Vergara v. State of California, et al., will, if upheld on appeal, eviscerate California’s public school teacher tenure law. Given that 46 states have some form of teacher tenure, Vergara has unleashed a sonic clash between keening prophesies of pedagogical collapse and…

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Vergara v. California, and the Attenuation of Tenure, Part One: The Decision

In a landmark, June 10, 2014 decision that could set off a wave of similar litigation across the country, a California Superior Court judge ruled in the case of  Vergara v. State of California, et al. that a number of California’s teacher tenure laws had the constitutionally impermissible effect of depriving students of equal protection under…

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