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Latest Developments from the Connecticut General Assembly: The Education Committee Has Spoken

We had written earlier about the proposed bills that the General Assembly’s Education Committee voted favorably on and advanced out of committee at its March 8, 2017 meeting.  The Committee subsequently voted favorably on a bevy of bills.  The following is summary of these bills. STATE AID, GRANTS AND COST SHARING: It goes without saying…

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A Sneak Peak at the State Department of Education’s Legislative Proposals

The General Assembly is back in session.  This year is an even-year, short-session, which means that pursuant to Article Third, Section Two of the Connecticut Constitution, the business of the General Assembly is limited to consideration of “budgetary, revenue and financial matters, bills and resolutions raised by committees of the general assembly and those matters…

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Welcome to Education Law Notes

Welcome to Education Law Notes, Pullman & Comley’s blog on legal issues that pertain to public school districts, private schools, colleges and universities.  Few aspects of society more universally affect us than education, which is perhaps why few areas are more heavily regulated.  Educational institutions face legal issues in academics, labor and employment, free speech,…

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