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So You Want To Hire A New Superintendent: What Does The FOIA Permit (And Require)?

We are approaching a time of year where a board of education may have to deal with its long time and (hopefully) beloved superintendent deciding to retire or otherwise move on to another chapter in his or her life. Any feelings of sadness (or any other emotions) must be replaced by the fact that the…

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Pullman & Comley’s 2016-17 Superintendents’ Legal Issues Forum – Session Two Recap

The second meeting of Pullman & Comley’s 2016-17 Superintendents’ Legal Issues Forum was held on November 10, 2016. It had, as its primary focus, a roundtable discussion concerning the impact of amendments to the student expulsion statute which will take effect August 15, 2017.  (See P.A. 16-147, Sec.12 and C.G.S. Section 10-233d(d)).  Attorney Melinda Kaufmann…

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Oops and the FOIA, Part One; Kadri v. Groton Board of Education and Protections From the Accidental Disclosure of Attorney-Client Privileged Documents

What happens when your agency’s lawyer sends out a confidential letter that is somehow leaked? A relatively recent decision by the Freedom of Information Commission [“FOIC”] appears to indicate that all is not lost, as “inadvertent” or “unexplainable” releases of otherwise privileged communication from your attorney will not destroy the attorney-client privilege. The FOIC’s decision…

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