Upcoming Presentations on LGBT Issues

Multiracial Group of Friends with Hands in Stack, TeamworkOur friends at the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education [“CABE”], the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents [“CAPSS”] and the Connecticut Association of Schools  [“CAS’]  are sponsoring a program on issues facing LGBT students in our schools, and how schools may best address these issues and provide a supportive environment while complying with various legal mandates.

Entitled “Supporting LGBT Youth: Their Journey in Our Schools,” this program will feature a variety of speakers addressing the appropriate level of support that schools should provide LGBT youth in the various facets of school and student life.  This program will take place on Monday, October 5, 2015 at 9:00 AM in Cheshire.   For further information on this enlightening program, please click here.

You may also register online here, and you may contact CABE for more information at 860-571-7446.

Our own Michael McKeon and Susan Scott will be speaking at the CABE/CAPSS Annual Convention on Friday November 20, 2015, on “Civil Rights Issues in Our Schools: What You Need to Know” and “Transforming Equity: Title IX and Transgendered Students.”   This combined workshop will cover the requirements of federal civil rights statutes, and their intersection with requirements for Connecticut school district to provide a safe school climate.

The workshop will include discussion unique to students with disabilities, discipline of minority students, and transgendered students.  This important program provides yet another reason for school board members and school administrators to register for the CABE/CAPSS  Annual Convention, which is taking place November 20-21, 2015 at the Mystic Marriott in Groton.  For information, please click here, and you of course may contact CABE for more information at 860-571-7446.