Welcome to Education Law Notes


Welcome to Education Law Notes, Pullman & Comley’s blog on legal issues that pertain to public school districts, private schools, colleges and universities.  Few aspects of society more universally affect us than education, which is perhaps why few areas are more heavily regulated.  Educational institutions face legal issues in academics, labor and employment, free speech, disability rights, gender equity, social media, religious freedom, bullying, school safety, finance, environmental regulation, immigration, school governance and administrative policies and procedures.  Issues arise on both the federal and state levels, and play out in courts, administrative tribunals and regulatory agencies.  The confluence of education and the law is sometimes turbulent, occasionally inexplicable, and endlessly fascinating.

Education Law Notes will alert readers to, and provide insights on, new developments within the ever-evolving contours of education law.  The articles on the blog are authored by attorneys in our School Law Section, who as a group have established on behalf of school clients an extensive body of favorable court precedent, including a number of cases of first impression.  Education Law Notes will also include posts by other attorneys from around the firm in areas of practice that affect educational institutions.  The same experience, skill and vision we bring to the representation of our clients will also inform Education Law Notes, as it does our firm’s labor and employment law blog, Working Together.

The great Irish poet, William Butler Yeats once observed:  “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  Similarly, we hope Education Law Notes will serve not only to inform but also to spark both your comments and your questions.  We, in turn, look forward to responding, for we see this blog as a conversation, not a lecture.